About Us

Many people forget to ask what size the machines are. The Skid Steer, a Toyota 5SDK5, is 1250mm at the bucket, and slightly narrower at the wheels & body. Stands at roughly 1860mm high, and 1865 kg in weight. the bucket capacity is roughly 0.22 cubic meters depending upon the material.

The Excavator, a Cat 301.7, is 1000mm across the body and 990mm with the crawler base retracted. It stands at around 2300mm height with the cab on. The weight can vary depending upon the attachment, but generally sits at 1800kgs. This equates to  roughly 3.8psi impact on the tracked area.

 As far as attachments go, the Skid Steer has a spreader bar, for larger areas. The Excavator has a wider aray of attachments. Firstly the buckets. I carry 250, 300, 450mm Toothed buckets and 300mm, 1000mm Batter bucket. All are able to be Tilted. The Augers, 300, 350, and 450mm with the 450mm being designed to cut through rock. I also have a 200mm Auger which can be supplied upon request. The Rockbreaker, a GB90, weighing at a guess between 80-90kg, is self explanatory.

 Everything, apart from the 200mm Auger, is carried with me on a 6 cubic meter Tipper. The attachments are housed on a removable rack freeing the Truck for usable service such as Debris removal or product delivery.

Of course all the machines require clearance on these measurements. 

Some examples of jobs recently completed are Plumbing services, building footings, excavation of backyard (difficult limited access - Paddington area), adjusted rockwalls for landscapes, sub base preparation under a house, stump removal, turf preparation,post hole drilling for retaining walls, demolition and concrete removal.

Please send any enquiries via website or call 0419 614 337 to discuss.